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Sony makes Limelight its CDN for PS3/PSP

Making further progress in improving the speed and reliability of the PlayStation Network, Sony Computer Entertainment announced that they would be using Limelight's CDN technology to deliver system software updates to both the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable.

"With Limelight's CDN technology, SCE is able to ensure fast and stable delivery of its latest system software to PS3 and PSP users, with updates ranging in size up to 150 MB, direct to the entertainment systems,"SCE's press release states.

Limelight Networks are very excited by the prospect of being SCE's main global delivery network. David Hatfield, Senior Vice President of Marketing in Limelight Networks stated, "SCE is committed to providing the most innovative 3D graphics and interactive capabilities for their customers and it's our job to ensure they get them quickly and reliably. We're proud that SCE has trusted Limelight Networks to serve as their global delivery network."

This is very exciting news as now not only will the reliability of the PlayStation Network improved, but so will the speed of it be improved also.