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E3 2011: Square doesn't rule out Final Fantasy VII-2

on 10 June 2011

Square has admitted it would be interested in the prospect of making Final Fantasy VII-2, though insisted the project would have to be bolstered by a meaty budget.

"It would have to be really big budget title,” Final Fantasy overlord Yoshinori Kitase told CVG. “It would take a long time and a lot of money to make that. We would be interested given the opportunity, but obviously we'd have to see, round up the best staff, and we'd have to look at the situation in the market to see if it's good timing for us... At the moment we've got no plans... We might do it."

Final Fantasy VII released back in 1997 and is widely considered among fans to be one of, if not the best entry in the venerable RPG franchise to date.

The game was re-released on PSN two years ago, though fans have been clamouring for a fully-fledged remake ever since Sony showed off a PS3 tech demo of the game’s intro back at E3 2005.