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Future Dragon Age II content to 'address fan comments,' says dev

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on 17 June 2011

Fresh DLC for Dragon Age II will attempt to address some of the feedback garnered from fans following the RPG’s release earlier this year, developer BioWare has revealed.

Speaking during a natter with Eurogamer, BioWare CEO Dr. Ray Muzyka also added that the studio is aiming to attract both core gamers and newcomers alike in terms of future endeavours in the franchise.

“We have some new DLC that’s upcoming that’s going to try and address some of the comments and try and provide the fans with the things they’re looking for, both the core fans and the new fans,” said Muzyka.

“We’re committing to making sure all the products in the franchise going forward are going to appeal to a wide audience, both the core and more.”

The news comes following comments from EA Games big cheese Frank Gibeau earlier this week, where the executive admitted the publisher “lost some fans" following Dragon Age II's release.