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LulzSec members land at Anonymous claims Tweet

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on 28 June 2011

Notorious hacktivist group, LulzSec, who have made headlines recently for attacking a number of high profile corporations and gaming websites, may have announced their retirement from cyber terrorism in the last few days, but reports today suggest that the war is far from over.

Infamous hacking group, Anonymous, known for many years for its DDoS attacks against political targets, now claims via a Tweet that “"All @LulzSec members have reported aboard."

The two hacking groups recently joined forces to attack government agencies, but have always remained separate entities with their own objectives. If the merger is true then the two groups will be working toward the same goals for the first time, which can only mean bad news for potential targets.

Alleged LulzSec member Ryan King, who was arrested last week for allegedly hacking into The Serious Organised Crime Agency’s website, has been granted bail this week and been told, unsurprisingly, to "stay offline" while further investigations take place.