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Sony boards clamping down on homebrew dicussions

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The official PlayStation Forums are clamping down on users discussing PlayStation Portable homebrew.

In a post by ‘SCEA’ (presumably the forum representative for Sony Computer Entertainment America), new rules state that any discussion topics or posts that are related to homebrew will be deleted. Apparently this ‘includes, but is not limited to’ the following:

• Custom firmware
• Themes, applications, custom bootup animations/sounds, and other materials made available only with use of homebrew
• Programs that may be used to aid or facilitate copyright violations (such as Eboots, ripping software, decryption software)
• Debugging software
• Programs designed to emulate firmware
• TIFF applications
• Programs designed to provide for modification of the PSP® code or firmware, or that would allow for any exploitation of the PSP® system firmware flashing software
• Applications designed to bypass PSP® system and game security features
• Emulators, ROMs, CSO, ISOs, or any other unauthorized copies of copyrighted material
• Software or hardware designed to aid or facilitate in cheating

The post then goes on to detail license agreement of the PSP just to drive the point home.

Software and hardware modding on any console is illegal, and there are concerns with modded consoles connecting to online services, as even if the user does not intend to do so, damage may be caused.

In the past, Sony has gently discouraged homebrew, but has never made large steps into stopping it outside of firmware updates; although, one has to consider the audacity of users raising the discussion of homebrew on an official message board.

Stay tuned.