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Sony Pictures: "PS3 is critical to success of Blu-ray"

Rich Marty, Vice President of New Business Development at Sony Pictures Home Entertainment believes that the PlayStation 3 is essential to the progress of Blu-ray and that there's a lot to look forward to in the future.

In a fit of excitement he exclaims, “PS3 is critical to the success of Blu-ray – it is a platform for at least the next 10 years and it’s not some kind of short term solution.”
“We predict some really exciting market developments around PlayStation in coming months." Although he believes many of PS3’s early adopters focus on just the games, the "next wave" will be geared towards the PS3's media centre capabilities.

Alluding to the past, Marty says, "We saw this with PS2 and DVD where the console was integral to DVD’s rapid establishment. We anticipate a similar reaction with PS3 and Blu-ray disc.”

Numerous reports suggest that Blu-ray is performing leaps and bounds better than its rival HD DVD. This is usually attributed to the Blu-ray player installbase created by the PS3, which recently edged over the 6 million units worldwide mark.

Source: PSPSPS