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Dragon Age II: Legacy DLC available later this month

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on 7 July 2011

BioWare and EA glued a release date to the upcoming Dragon Age II story-based DLC content. Legacy is set to draw players back to their Hawke heroes on July 26.

The new content features a plot that involves “vicious criminal cartel that are hunting ‘the blood of the Hawke,’” according to the DLC’s description. Players will venture beyond Kirkwall to an ancient Grey Warden prison to destroy those evil criminals and discover the truth about the Hawke lineage.

You can play the content from any point of Dragon Age II, meaning if you never finished the RPG, you can still check out this new content. The game will set you back $10, but you’ll have access to a powerful new weapon that is customizable to your play style, a nice little side story, and a reason to go jump back into the game.