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Square Enix criticises PS3's marketing strategy

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on 7 September 2007

Yoichi Wada, President of Square Enix has warned that the marketing strategy for Sony Corp’s PlayStation 3 console must be “straightened up", suggesting that previous efforts have remained inconsistent and as a result have hampered sales of the machine.

Wada observed that Sony at first positioned the console as a multimedia home entertainment device, before changing its focus to that of a videogames console as a result of pressure from various game companies.

"Sony first unveiled the PS3 as a mighty home electronics product. Then, after some badgering from game companies, it shifted the position of the console closer to a game machine," he said.

Indeed, Wada stated that Sony must remain consistent with its marketing strategy in the future, as not to impede sales: "(The future of the PS3) would be tough if its marketing strategy is not straightened up," he offered.

PlayStation 3 is currently in third place behind Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and Nintendo’s Wii console, though sales have recently boosted on the release of several high profile software releases in addition to a USD 100 price cut in North America.