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Mass Effect 3 'designed to be a new beginning,' says BioWare

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on 26 July 2011

BioWare has said that RPG sequel Mass Effect 3 will establish a 'new beginning' for the series, aside from inevitably bringing Shepard’s arduous battle against the Reapers to a close.

Speaking to CVG, marketing boss David Silverman reiterated BioWare’s plans to continue the franchise after the third game is done and dusted.

"We designed Mass Effect 3 to be a new beginning,” he said. "This series definitely doesn't end with Mass Effect 3."

Silverman added that BioWare is aiming to make its latest sci-fi extravaganza the best game in the company’s portfolio to date.

"We're making Mass Effect 3 to be the best game we've ever made. That would make it one of the best games ever, and we're hoping to see sales that reflect that," he said.

Mass Effect 3 is pencilled in for release on March 9, 2012.