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Valve explains Orange Box PS3 delay

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The delay with Half Life 2: The Orange Box has had many people a little upset. Luckily, Valve has stated that the said delay isn't a problem with the PlayStation 3 console itself.

Marketing director Doug Lombardi stated that the EA UK team is simply behind on the development process compared to Valve's core team.

Lombari stated that just because the PS3 version was delayed, the others should not have been delayed as well: "We weren't going to hold up PC and 360 for PS3," Lombardi clearly stated. In addition, Valve believes the three versions will be identical in performance, which is good news for PS3 owners who have recently been getting a lot of ports that perform better on Xbox 360.

Currently, the PC and 360 versions will be released October 9th 2007 in the US followed by October 12th in Europe. The PC version is also likely to appear on Steam at midnight on the same days.