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UK PSP sales hit all time low...

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UK sales charts show an astonishing drop off in software sales for Sony's PlayStation Portable this week. However, even though Sony had record lows, the company is still on pace to have a huge portable console sales year. In retrospect the waning numbers over the past two to three weeks could hurt bottom line dollars for the old PSP, but  it's nothing that Sony cannot overcome.

PSU would speculate that the drop in sales was due to the new PSP Slim and Lite (or PSP-2000 in North America) getting ready to ship next week. With updated starter packs, slimmer shape, and new colors, the slim PSP should not only boost the sales back to normal, but also give Sony a new edge. The Slim and Lite version will surely help household penetration rate and in turn help game sales, peripheral sales, and Sony's profits.

Keep a watch on PSU for more information on the slimmer, lighter PSP come September 14th and of course breaking news from around the gaming industry.