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Sony teams up with Future Plus for brochures

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In lieu of strengthening its marketing strategy for the Holiday season, Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) has commissioned publisher Future Plus to create brochures for the PlayStation 3.

The brochures will be a whopping 60 pages long. In addition, they will be divided into four chapters, concentrating on the console's HD capability, online features, and future game and movie releases. About 250,000 copies of the brochure will be distributed at retailers and transport across the UK.

SCE exclaimed its purpose and excitement for such a venue in its marketing strategy: "Future Plus got the objective of communicating the broad functionality of Playstation 3 in a digestible form from day one. Their solution meets the objective whilst retaining a sense of attitude and personality which is so important to play station. Deepening consumer’s understanding of the PS3 is important for us this Christmas and the brochure will play a key role in achieving this.”

Sony will be hoping that this campaign pays dividends as sales have been relatively slow compared to the Wii.

Source: MCV