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Japan Sales: Nintendo slows; PS3 surges on Bladestorm

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Sales of Nintendo consoles slowed this week in Japan according to the new Media Create numbers. The Nintendo DS fell below 100,000 for the first time this year, and the Wii slowed to about 40,000.

All of the other home and hand held consoles saw a similar slump except for Sony's PlayStation 3, which saw sales jump to about 18,000 for the week. The jump in sales is probably related to the debut of the Koei title Bladestorm for the PS3, which sat at number two on the all console charts this week, just below Final Fantasy Chronicles: Ring of Fates.

Like all other "gains" by Sony in Japan so far, the PS3 is still behind the Wii for total sales this week, meaning that Sony didn't actually gain ground. What it appears they may be gaining however heading into the holiday season is momentum.

Stay tuned to PSU for any further information.