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PS Vita getting Persona 4 remake

31 August 2011

Famitsu (via Andriasang) has confirmed that Atlus is busy beavering away on a Persona 4 remake for Sony’s PlayStation Vita handheld.

Titled Persona: The Golden, the game offers a plethora of new content, including newcomer Marie, extra dialogue, a new anime opening and animation movies, plus the ability to whistle for other players to give you a helping hand when you find yourself in a bit of a pickle in a dungeon.

Furthermore, the remake will support 3G and Wi-Fi, fresh event scenes and additional Personas and character outfits. The Golden is currently pencilled in for release in Japan next spring.

Elsewhere, Atlus also revealed details on a new 2D-based brawler set in the Persona universe, titled Persona 4: The Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena. Developed by Arc System Works, the game features an all-new story set two months after the conclusion of the fourth game, and includes familiar faces from Persona 3 & 4.

Producer Toshimichi Mori told Famitsu he was initially shocked when Atlus approached the team about the project, though being such a big fan of the Persona franchise immediately snapped up the offer. The game itself is a joint project between team Persona and Arc, and will hit arcades in Japan in spring 2012. A PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 will follow next summer.

Last but not least, Atlus has confirmed that preparation for the development of a fifth instalment in the Persona franchise is complete, with the team utilizing a new, internal-based engine to work on the game.

The company was quick to note, however, that fans should prepare for a “lengthy” wait until launch, with details pertaining to platforms and a release date yet to be divulged.

Stay tuned.


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