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Sony 3D headset dated

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on 31 August 2011

Sony’s finally pinned down a release date for its elusive 3D headset, confirming the slick piece of kit will launch in Japan on November 11.

The swanky visor, dubbed the HMZ-T1, remains largely unchanged from when Sony showcased it at the beginning of the year.

It’ll feature a pair of 1280x720 0.7inch OLED panels mounted in front of your eyes, 5.1 surround sound via integrated headphones, plus full HDMI input/output. As for a price, the HMZ-T1 will set you back a whopping 60,000 yen (about £481). 

Speaking on the device back in January, Sony’s executive deputy president, Hiroshi Yoshioka commented, "As a big gamer myself, I couldn't be excited more than when I first played Gran Turismo 5 with this head-mounted display because nobody, not even my wife, could interrupt me so that I could get a higher score."

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