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Epic: "UT3 will ship on PS3 way before 360"

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on 12 September 2007

Mark Rein of Epic Games recently clarified the rumors regarding Unreal Tournament 3's release date and timed exclusivity on PlayStation 3.

Apparently, several individuals took Rein's previous statements in such a way that they believed that UT3 could possibly lose its timed console exclusivity on PS3. That isn't the case.

In a statement to, Rein reiterated: "The PS3 console exclusivity is not in doubt. We are shipping the game on the PS3 well before the Xbox 360 version ships. That's the version we are working on right now. We do not have a date for the Xbox 360 version."

Still currently on track for a November release, Unreal Tournament 3 will be demonstrated at the Tokyo Games Show later this month at a Sony press reception.