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Dead Island's Bloodbath Arena DLC coming this month

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on 9 September 2011

Dead Island’s Bloodbath Arena pack will be shambling onto PlayStation Network and Xbox Live later this month, publisher Deep Silver has confirmed.

The DLC lets gamers square up against an endless parade of undead in four new environments, and chucks in a new weapon to boot – the Brain Wave Bomb.

Furthermore, XP earned in the arena can be transferred over to the main game, allowing you to beef up your stats if you get into a bit of a pickle in the campaign.

Bloodbath Arena will be made available free of charge to punters who plonked down the cash for Dead Island’s Special Edition. For everyone else, you’ll have to pay an as-of-yet undisclosed price.

Dead Island developer Techland has found itself under heavy media scrutiny as of late, firstly for releasing a bugged version of the zombie romp on Steam, and more recently, after a fellow gamer unearthed hidden data in the game’s code for a ‘feminist whore’ skill.