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Hairspray to be released on Blu-ray exclusively in 2007

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Hairspray will be coming to Blu-ray exclusively in the fourth quarter of 2007, according to the dual-format supporting studio, New Line Home Entertainment.

The title will hit shelves on November 20th for Blu-ray and standard DVD. The HD-DVD version will be released later in the first half of 2008 due to the format’s lack of regional coding.

The standard DVD version will be available as a single-disc retailing at USD 28.98, and as a two-disc “Shake and Shimmy” edition retailing at USD 34.99. Also, as a gift set it will retail for USD 59.76. The Blu-ray and HD-DVD versions will be priced at USD 34.99 accordingly.

The DVD two-disc set and Blu-ray versions will both feature a special packaging design, with a unique two-sided transparent cover, that can either show the adult cast or teenage cast.

Both the two-disc edition and high-def versions will be packed with extras, among them being a behind-the-scenes bonus features which will include a bonus music track -(“I Can Wait”). Also included is a  “You Can’t Stop the Beat” documentary, a “Hairspray Extensions” featurette showing performed dance breakdowns, audio commentaries and last but not least, delete scenes.

The Blu-ray version will have a “Behind the Beat” picture-in-picture type option, allowing viewers to catch behind-the-scenes footage and commentary. The HD-DVD version will have this feature as well, and include Internet connectivity and web-enhanced features.

Be on the look out for this musical movie, coming soon.