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Final Fantasy VII remake confirmed in Crisis Core?

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Final Fantasy VII Remake hype train now boarding.

Today new screenshots of a supposed secret ending to Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core revelead that Square Enix may be in fact planning a Final Fantasy VII remake. Is it for PS3 or is it for PSP, that is unknown.

According to the rumor, when the player completes Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core for a second time, after the credit finish rolling a secret cinematic begins showcasing a similar (but not the same) video clip to what was shown at E3 2005 in the Final Fantasy VII PS3 tech demo. At the end of the trailer it shows the following image:

If this rumor is true, then fanboys rejoice. Square Enix has answered the prayers of all RPG fans alike. Final Fantasy VII will be remade. With the Tokyo Game Show around the corner, we'll have to wait and see if any official announcements will be made.

Here are some other images from the "secret" trailer: