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2K unveils The Darkness II Limited Edition as Pre-Order bonus

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on 4 October 2011

Similar to the recently released – and reviewed – Dark Souls, The Darkness II will feature a “limited edition” version in, that can be acquired by pre-ordering the game.

As a free upgrade, players who pre-order The Darkness 2 in and receive the limited edition will have access to extra content an outfit, new ability upgrades, and more.

Included in the Darkness II Limited Edition:

 - Alternate darkling outfit: “Crazy Abdul

 - Two character ability upgrades
    - Gourmet Hearts: provides bonus for eating hearts
  - Relic Hunter: locates collectible items in the world

  - Custom illustration by Marc Silvestri

 - Free digital download of The Darkness Origins Volume 1 and Volume 2 comics

If you're interested in the limited edition of The Darkness II, you have plenty of time to pre-order before the game is released on February 7, 2012 in North America, and February 10 globally.