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Survey: PSN twice as popular as XBL with U.K. devs

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on 7 October 2011

A recent survey of around 100 studios in the U.K. has claimed that PlayStation Network is nearly twice as popular as Xbox Live Arcade with developers in the region.

30 studios are currently beavering away on titles for PSN, compared to just 16 with Xbox Live, it claims.

Microsoft’s online service is apparently only just ahead of Nintendo’s WiiWare service in terms of popularity among developers in the U.K., says the data, collected by trade chaps Tiga.

In addition, a separate survey of 100 indie developers suggests that Sony’s online service has been more popular than Xbox Live since August of last year.

Of course, we should point out that Microsoft has just two studios in full production in the territory, while Sony boasts a total of five internal studios churning out content.