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What's in Resistance 3's Survival Pack?

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on 11 October 2011

Insomniac Games has revealed more information regarding the first DLC add-on for Resistance 3, the Survival Pack, which is set to launch this week on the PlayStation Store.

The Survival Pack includes a brand new multiplayer mode, titled Invasion - a team-based mode that pits two opposing teams to simultaneously control multiple control nodes across the map. The longer a team keeps hold of the nodes, the more the points tally up.

However, this new multiplayer mode is not the only thing that you will get your hands on in the Survival Pack. The DLC also includes four brand new skins based on various characters from Resistance 3’s main campaign, as well as a XMB theme.

The Survival Pack will be available this week worldwide. The price tag for the U.S. release is $3.99; no European conversion price has been confirmed.

As well as the Survival Pack, another DLC add-on will be launched alongside the previously revealed 1.05 patch. This DLC is absolutely free to download, and consists of two brand-new maps – ‘Creek’ and ‘Granary’.