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Starbreeze is developing a PSN title

on 16 November 2011

Mikael Nermark, CEO of Starbreeze Studios, has confirmed that the developer is working on a game for PlayStation Network.

“We are actually doing it. Right now,” Nermark told PSM3 (via CVG), adding the project is “a self-financed thing.”

Nermark went on to observe how PSN development differs radically from working on a major game release, and as such required the studio to scale things back somewhat.

He said developers “have to understand how to utilise the new medium, so to speak, and understand that we have to build a game for the PSN instead of trying to do a big game.”

“I think that’s the hardest part for us – to adjust when we’re doing the small stuff. Because as a studio, we think big.

“We can’t be that big when we’re making a PSN game. A big game can be anything between 120-200 staff, whereas a small project is one tenth of that, so you have to be able to understand how you handle your resources.”

Starbreeze is also working on Syndicate, a reboot of the classic 90s franchise for PlayStation 3, PC and Xbox 360 platforms. The game hits shelves in February 2012.

Cheers, VG247