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Final Fantasy XIV to visit locations from previous games

on 23 November 2011

Naoki Yoshida, producer of Final Fantasy XIV, has said that players may be able to visit various locations from the Final Fantasy franchise somewhere in the MMORPG's future.

Speaking with the Square Enix Blog, Yoshida said “When we announced Final Fantasy XIV version 2.0, you may have noticed the crystal tower, which some people might recognise from a previous Final Fantasy game.”

“Because Final Fantasy XIV is an MMO, it’s a great opportunity for players to feel and experience the Final Fantasy universe 365 days a year. I really want to make the most out of the franchise’s history. Not many other games have this incredible history, so I’d like to put as much of that as possible in this game," continued Yoshida.

“Not only by using ideas, objects and locations from older Final Fantasy games, but also by adding new things to the universe. I have a lot of plans, so please look forward to finding out what I have in mind.”

Final Fantasy XIV is set to be re-launched with version 2.0, with a total overhaul of the game on a brand new game engine. The game will launch on the PlayStation 3 late 2012.