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The Weekend Recap: November 25 - 27, 2011

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on 28 November 2011

Welcome to another issue of the Weekend Recap. This weekend's news was a bit dry, but we still have some interesting things for you to get your fill.

Keep your Skyrim addiction at bay with this 'Books of Skyrim' eBook
Posted Saturday, November 26 2011 via

No doubt that Bethesda's latest entry in the Elder Scrolls series, Skyrim, is making life hard for some players as they find it hard to pull themselves away from such an immersive game - trust me, I'm one of those people.
brings us the lore of Skyrim found within each of the books and novels scattered across the war-torn landscape, in the form a single eBook.

That's right folks - you can now take Skyrim with you, as you quest in the real world. Obtaining it is as simple as visiting this link, downloading the eBook, copying it to your device and opening it.

This eBook is compatible with most eBook enabled devices including Kindle, iOS and Android.

Go deep into the Batcave with Arkham City DLC
Posted Saturday, November 27 2011 via Twitter

The official Twitter account for Batman: Arkham City has revealed that new DLC is on the way, which will enable players to visit a some new locations in the game.

One of these locations is an "all new Batcave," which is certainly going to make fans all giddy as they're playing around with gadgets and buttons labelled with signs saying do-not-touch.

Other locations included in the DLC will be the Joker's Carival and Iceberg Lounge.

The DLC will be available on December 20 on PlayStation 3, PC and Xbox 360.

EA reveals the new face of FIFA
Posted Saturday, November 26 2011 via EA

Lionel Messi, striker for the Barcelona football club, is to be the new face of EA's FIFA franchise as of next year, where he will first appear on the cover of FIFA Street.

Messi is set to be on the cover art for each new FIFA game for the next three years, after signing a multi-year endorsment contract with EA Sports.

FIFA Street will be kicking into stores in March 2012.

That's it for this issue of The Weekend Recap. If you would like to tip some news to us for next week's issue, send them over to with The Weekend Recap in the subject line!