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A non-beautiful Katamari to roll onto PS3

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on 23 September 2007

Beautiful Katamari was originally supposed to come to both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, so people were shocked when Namco Bandai announced it as a 360 exclusive.

Last week, we reported that Namco Bandai's website once again listen the game as coming to PS3. The listing was shortly removed, once again demolishing ours hopes of rolling big balls of stuff around on our shiny black systems.

Well, the situation has flip-flopped, as game director Jun Morikawa confirmed to 1up at the Tokyo Game Show that a Katamari game would be making an appearance on PS3. Note that this game will not be Beautiful Katamari, but an entirely new game... as new as rolling around a giant ball of stuff with hundreds of crazy colors and sounds can be.

We'll keep you posted on this upcoming Katamari game for the PS3.