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Brothers In Arms not cancelled, just delayed

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There have been rumors spreading recently that Ubisoft has pulled Brothers in Arms Hells Highway. However this is simply not the truth. PSU has contacted Gearbox Software, the developers behind BIA, to get an inside scoop on the rumor.

"Brothers In Arms Hell's Highway is in full force development mode. And though there is a rumor surfacing out there, the folks here at Gearbox are still working hard and the game has not been cancelled," stated Tatum Tippett, Marketing Manager for Gearbox Software.

"Look for the release in Q4 - early '08."

So for all you Brothers In Arms fans out there, don't worry, the game is still on its way. Check back in with PSU for more updates on Brothers In Arms Hells Highway, and in the meantime, check out this trailer from Ubidays.