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Square Enix looking for foreign publisher

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Purveyors of rear-end kicking RPG games, Square Enix, are looking a foreign publisher to, well, publish its games outside of the land of the rising sun.

In a conversation with the Financial Times, Michihiro Sasaki, Senior VP, said how the company would like to have a bigger presence in North America, as only about 20% of it’s revenue comes from outside of Japan.

Everyman and his dog in Japan knows who and what Square Enix is, and probably have an extensive collection of Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy games. This means there is little room for growth in their homeland, while the Western video game market is forever expanding, only having just recovering from the video game crash of 1983 a few years ago.

Sasaki-san added: “We need to seek co-operation with a US publisher - we need local content…our strength is in role-playing games and fantasy titles, so it is a bit difficult to appeal to the US market”. He would like to be having half his sales coming from overseas in a few years time.

As long as we still get Square’s epic fantasy quests, there shouldn’t be any lynch mobs outside of the publisher’s office.

Stay tuned.

Source: Financial Times