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Final Fantasy XIII finally running on PS3

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According to the latest Electronic Gaming Monthly (EGM) Final Fantasy XIII is finally operating on the PlayStation 3, so that means the White Engine is up and running the hardware too.

In the last two years Square Enix only shown a few Final Fantasy XIII trailers, of which only one is available to the public. And of course those trailers were just CG, and not running on the PlayStation 3 hardware. So it's good to hear FFXIII is now running on the PS3 itself.

In the other news the latest trailers of FFXIII and Final Fantasy Versus XIII at TGS, which were only shown behind closed doors, reconfirmed them as a PlayStation 3 exclusives.

EGM promised that they would have a Final Fantasy XIII preview in their next issue, which goes on sale October 30th. We will keep you up to date on all the Final Fantasy games.