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Red Bull bringing House of Skate to PlayStation Home

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on 5 January 2012

There’s a bevy of Red Bull themed games and items already alive and kicking—no thanks to real caffeine—in Sony’s online virtual network, and from what we’ve heard, they’re pretty decent. So it doesn’t hurt to say that Red Bull is yet again bringing a new twist to PlayStation Home.

The House of Skate is a personal space that contains your very own skate park, and allows you to play an arcade-style skateboarding game with your own avatar that seems similar to the older, classic Tony Hawk titles. Collect your own “limited edition” skateboards, sit in a lonely virtual hot tub, or play a Red Bull vending machine mini-game (yeah, really.)


If none of that is for you, you can also visit any of Red Bull’s public spaces as shown in the video. 

Source: PS Blog