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Rock Band pricing and release date revealed?

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According to Joystiq, Harmonix has confirmed that Rock Band will be priced at $170 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, and be released on November 23rd. The PS2 version, however, will be released for $160 on December 10th.

As you probably know, Rock Band is the title to go up against Activision's Guitar Hero III, but what makes Rock Band different is the expansion of accessories. Not only can gamers rock out on guitars, but now you'll be able to go heavy metal on the new drums and scream lyrics through mics as well.

Only the PS3 version will come with wireless accessories, whilst there will be a USB hub included with the Xbox 360 version to overcome the insufficient number of ports on the unit itself.

With Rock Band releasing on Black Friday, widely known as the god of shopping sprees, count on this title easily holding its own against Guitar Hero, in terms of sales and perhaps gameplay too. We'll let you know which one we prefer in our reviews closer to release.