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Hirai reaffirms Sony's stance on PS3 prices

In an interview with SPOnG, Sony Computer Entertainment President Kaz Hirai has reaffirmed Sony's confidence in the PlayStation 3's starting price point.

When asked whether the original price point for the PS3 was an appropriate one, Hirai stated:

"No, I think the original price-point was the right price-point, evidenced by the issues we had at launch when we couldn’t supply enough units to consumers in the Japanese market and the North American market, and it was a huge challenge to try and meet that demand because of all the production issues we had.

It wasn’t a pricing issue, it was a supply issue”, he added. “Fortunately for the European launch, we were able to bring enough units to meet that demand, as well as supply a robust software launch. We had a lot more success in the European market because of the sheer number of hardware units as well as the software titles we were able to bring."

Lastly, Hirai claimed that the only pressing at launch for the PS3 was simply quantities.

Source: maxconsole