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Hastings Entertainment to expand Blu-ray line-up

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Video rental chain Hastings Entertainment (based in Amarillo, TX) has announced that the company is to expand its output of Blu-ray movies in all of its 150 stores.

The purpose of this is to increase the number of Blu-ray copies on their store shelves; such move comes right after the revenue sharing deal with Sony Pictures Home Entertainment that will allow them [Hastings Entertainment] to increase the number of titles in the store with only a modest financial investment.

This combined with the fact that Target is also expanding shelf space for Blu-ray titles, gives a clear indication that the industry is indeed starting to show more commitment to Sony’s high definition storage medium.

Indeed, many analysts have argued that the industry will not discern a clear winner between Blu-ray and HD-DVD until sometime in 2009 or possibly 2010; however, with this latest news, PSU feels it is becoming more evident just which platform the consumers are interested it.