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Killzone 2 multiplayer to link with Home?

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Cryptic messaging abound as Guerrilla Games hint towards Killzone 2 and Home interactivity.

In the recent issue of Official PlayStation Magazine, a hands-on with the highly anticipated title was detailed. When questioning the games producer, Steven Ter Heide, about the multiplayer, he had this to say: “[There’s] a lot of interesting things we're going to be able to do. But we can't talk about it yet. Home is also very interesting. There's a lot of opportunity there, and it’s all part of our multiplayer strategy.”

What does this mean? Maybe when you’re walking around the ‘Home’ environment, you can challenge random people to Killzone duels? Or maybe have an actual battle in the Home world, where Helghast invade and Home characters take up arms for some kick-ass co-operative play?

With a still unconfirmed release date sometime in 2008, hopefully more details will start emerging on this much hyped title.

Stay tuned.

Source: QJ/OPM