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No plans to make PS2 games playable on PS Vita

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on 17 February 2012

Sony’s confirmed that it has no plans on making its PlayStation 2 Classics range playable on PlayStation Vita.

The retro goodies finally landed in Europe on Wednesday as part of this week’s PlayStation Store update, and features the likes of God Hand and Maximo for around £7.99 each.

However, it seems you won’t be able to play them on Sony’s swanky new pocket brick any time soon.

Writing in a PS Vita Q&A on the PlayStation Blog, the firm said: "Users can play supported digital PSP titles and supported minis. In regard to PSone classics titles, we will announce further details when they are ready. PlayStation does not have plans to make PS Vita compatible with PS3 or PS2 titles at this point.”

PlayStation Vita launches in Europe and the U.S. on February 22.