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PS Vita U.S. sales data 'very, very positive,' says SCEA

on 22 February 2012

Early signs indicate that PlayStation Vita should enjoy a solid launch in the U.S., Sony Computer Entertainment head honcho Jack Tretton has revealed.

Speaking with IGN, the executive dropped a few details regarding the ‘soft’ launch of Sony’s new handheld on February 15, where punters could get hold of early access bundles a week in advance.

In regards to hardware and peripherals, Tretton described the situation as "very, very positive... Memory is going out the door very aggressively despite the fact that memory is in a lot of the presale bundles. The software appears to be selling quite well top to bottom."

"Uncharted [Golden Abyss] is far and away the big winner, but I think we kind of knew that,” he added.

Elsewhere, Tretton played down the widespread perception that PS Vita has been suffering in its native Japan as of late.

"Quite frankly, it scares me if people think that the Japanese launch is struggling. The fact is they sold 500,000 units in three weeks... I would be pleased if we did 500,000 units in the first three weeks here in the United States. I think that's a real healthy number for a new platform launch,” he said.

PlayStation Vita launches in the U.S. and Europe today – check out our launch coverage here.