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Panasonic says Blu-ray will overtake HD DVD by 2008

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During Ceatec, a large tech trade show, Kazuhiro Tsuga of Matsushita Electic has expressed his faith in the Blu-ray format, claiming that by the end of this year or the first quarter of 2008, BD will stake its dominance over HD DVD.

Matsushita Electric owns Panasonic, one of the leading companies that back Blu-ray technology. Tsuga is the executive officer in charge of networking and home electronics for the company.

Tsuga claims that BD will be running some amazing promotions this holiday seasons, accompanied by price cuts. He also stated that Paramount's recent defection to HD DVD was a timed ordeal that only happened due to large amounts of money handed to them.

These are some big predictions, so, as always, check back for more details on the next gen video format war.

Source: Crave.cnet