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Rumor: PS4 won't use the Cell processor

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on 1 March 2012

Fresh reports suggesting Sony will ditch the Cell process for its next-generation console have surfaced on Kotaku.

According to the site, the hardware manufacturer will not be opting for Cell-powered architecture, with the site speculating that chip maker AMD is supposedly on board to provide not only the GPU for PlayStation 4, but the CPU too.

This report follows hot on the heels of previous murmurs from Forbes that Sony is planning to side with AMD to provide the graphics chip for its new home console, as opposed to the Nvidia-powered PS3.

Cell is the brainchild of PlayStation father Ken Kutaragi and has proven notoriously tricky to develop for over the years, particularly during the early years of PS3’s life, where stories of its fiddly architecture frequently reared their head.

Sony is keeping mum on the subject of next-generation consoles, repeatedly distancing itself from all chatter on PS4, including shooting down reports of a possible E3 reveal for the machine later this year.

Stay tuned to for more details.