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Did a hacker crack the Taco Bell PS Vita competition?

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on 1 March 2012

The controversial Taco Bell PlayStation Vita competition may have a bit more of an explanation, thanks to a hacker claiming he generated code to swindle the company out of Sony’s new handheld gaming device. The hacker in question, Sinister, posted information on the forum ExploitN, complete with images of a Vita and the letter indicating he won the competition.

As we reported earlier, many people who entered the contest believed they won, but learned their codes were invalid. They started a Facebook page and several have filed complaints with the Better Business Bureau.

One of PSU’s members, Spotted, sent us information explaining the situation as he was one of the people duped into thinking he won a PS Vita. According to Kotaku, the hacker apparently released a bot for other forum members, and others on the forum said they used it to win the competition, too.

If you were also duped into thinking you won, drop us a note and share your story.

Thanks, SPOTTED.