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New Jet Set Radio details drop

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on 14 March 2012

Fresh details on the upcoming high-definition version of Jet Set Radio have emerged via Siliconera.

First up, SEGA has injected a bit of modern twist to the controls, with gamers now able to manipulate the camera using the right analog stick.

Furthermore, it’ll feature eighteen new tags thanks to the on-going custom graffiti contest, though sadly the game eschews the online tag sharing feature present in the Dreamcast original.

Elsewhere, the site confirmed that the graffiti’-em-up will include the extra levels present in the North American version of the original, namely Batam Street and Grind Square.

As for the soundtrack, SEGA has secured about 70 per cent of the Dreamcast version’s score, though tracks from Jurassic 5 and Rob Zombie may not make the cut.

Jet Set Radio is due out on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade in summer 2012.