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Mass Effect 3 multiplayer stats revealed

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on 19 March 2012

BioWare has lifted the lid on a boatload of juicy Mass Effect 3 multiplayer player data for your consumption.

The online game mode, which sees players teaming up with up to four mates to take on Cerberus, Reaper and Geth forces, has already raked in 1800 years of combined play time in under two weeks.

Furthermore, less than one per cent of all matches completed were done on the Gold difficulty setting – that should give you an idea of how tough multiplayer actually is.

83 million credits have been earned, while a third of all matches end in failure, with no one left alive for extraction.

Elsewhere, two million Phantoms have been dispatched to date, with players having used 618,000 Battlefield 3 Soldier Kits.

In terms of classes, Soldier remains the most popular class with 18 per cent, followed by Vanguard and Infiltrator at 17 per cent and 16 per cent, respectively.

Lastly, the Turians proved the most popular non-human race for players, as chosen by 6.43 per cent of gamers. Garrus would be proud.

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