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Uncharted nears gold status

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on 9 October 2007

In his latest post on Sony's Official PlayStation Blog, Evan Wells, Co-President of Naughty Dog, has informed us of how Uncharted is progressing – and apparently, it'll go gold in two weeks.

There's the standard fare of squashing any bugs that remain in the near final build. They're also working on both the final package design and the official strategy guide at the moment.

We'll also get one more taste of Uncharted in trailer form before we finally get to sink our teeth into the final product. The trailer is "to tease the story just enough without giving too much away."

Wells closes, "The final mixes of sound, music and dialog are all being added to our cinematics and it’s really coming together nicely. We’re also getting back all of our localized assets so that we can ship Uncharted simultaneously around the world in 13 languages!"

Thirteen languages - that's Blu-ray for you. Make sure to check out the demo set to grace the PlayStation Store before Uncharted's heavily anticipated November release.