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Far Cry 3 gets bigger map editor with community features

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on 4 April 2012

Though Ubisoft is remaining incredibly tight-lipped on the finer details of its upcoming map editor for Far Cry 3, at least we know now that it exists and that it’s going to be more in-depth than the last game with a host of new community features.

At a Far Cry 3 event in London this week, game designer Daniel Berlin confirmed the feature but declined to go into further detail. The map editor for Far Cry 2 included a host of customisation options that are usually reserved for PC games, including terrain deformation, the ability to apply textures and the opportunity to place hundreds of objects on your design.

It remains to be seen what Ubisoft has added to that comprehensive line-up of customisation options, but we’d love to hear what you want to see from the new and improved map and game editor? Do take this seriously too as we’ll send over our finished list of “wants” from our community to Daniel Berlin. We know that Ubisoft is still working on certain aspects of the game, so who knows, you’re idea may actually make an appearance in the finished game.


What type of map will you create?

Far Cry 3 is set to launch in September 2012.