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Metal Gear Solid 4 to grace E for All

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on 9 October 2007

E for All hasn't even had its first show, and people are already deeming it a failure in leau of other conferences such as the ever-improving Leipzig convention.

Just to compile a short list, Capcom, Square-Enix, Atlus, NIS America, Agetec, Sony and Microsoft won’t be attending E for All. Ouch.

Now though, a light shines at the end of the long, dark tunnel that is E for All. That light is cast by the awesomeness that is Metal Gear Solid 4, which Konami has announced it will be bringing to the show.

Does this mean that real people (journalists are actually just robots you know) will finally get a chance to play perhaps the PlayStation 3's most highly anticipated title? Maybe - we don't know whether the title will be playable, or merely appear at the show in trailer form. Regardless, at least it will be there.

We'll keep you posted on E for All and MGS4.

Source: Siliconera