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Japan gets PS3 price cut and 40GB SKU

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on 9 October 2007

Sony Computer Entertainment has announced it is to lower the price of its PlayStation 3 console in Japan, in addition to introducing the 40GB model previously thought exclusive to European territories.

Effective October 17, the 20GB and 60GB SKU’s will be slashed by approximately 5,000 yen (USD 43) and will now retail for 44,980 yen (USD 384) and 54,980 yen (USD 469) each, respectively.

The 40GB console, meanwhile, will go on sale from November 11 for 39,980 yen (USD 341) As mentioned, this model comes with only two USB ports and will not include memory card slots or PlayStation 2 backwards compatibility.

The move is expected to afford the company opportunity to counter Nintendo’s Wii console, which is currently outselling the PS3 by as much as four to one in Japan.