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No PS3 price cut for Australia

on 9 October 2007

Sony Australia has announced plans to phase out the 60GB PlayStation 3 in the region following the impending release of the 40GB version on October 11 – however, it will not be cutting the price of the original model in an effort to boost sales.

The 60GB console will remain on sale until stock is sold out, paving the way for the 40GB entry version, which will retail for approximately AUD 699.95.

As it stands, however, supply of the 60GB SKU is already fairly limited in the region: “There are very limited stocks," commented Sony Australia’s Michael Ephriam. "I would say 20 – 30 per cent of retail stores have them in stock right now."

"That was always part of our plan to transition smoothly to a new SKU," he explained.

Ephriam further added that he expects the 40GB console to double the PS3’s installed base in the region, which currently stands at around 80,000.

"We think that with the price reduction, we're going to come very close if not exceed doubling that number by the end of the year," he said.

Sony announced Monday that it is to discontinue the 60GB PS3 in PAL areas, having previously confirmed it would be lowering the price of the console to just GBP 349 .