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Sony announces 7 downloadable games for PSP in 2008

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Many PSP owners want more return out of their $169 investment. Even with the new TV Out feature for the PSP-2000 model, and a slew of great exclusive holiday games around the corner, PSP owners still deserve more. Coincidentally, Sony has announced that they are in the development stages for 7 PSP titles exclusively available for download via the PlayStation Store, with many more to come.

Currently the service is only available on the PlayStation 3, but the PSP service is set to launch in 2008. For PSP owners using the PlayStation Store through their PSPs, they will be able to gain access to original games, classic PSone games, demos for UMD-based and downloadable games, and finally TV material such as trailers, behind the scenes clips and interviews.

An SCEA source revealed that three of the 7 downloadable PSP games will be action games, two are music based games, one is a racing game and one a shooting game. They are said to be about half the size of the average UMD title, meaning that the downloadable games can span from 2 to 10 hours in length. No other information regarding the games is known, other than that they are being developed internally.

So for you PSP owners wanting more bang for your buck, this should give you more validation for your purchase of a PSP. We'll keep you informed.