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SEGA talks House of the Dead 4 boss battles

on 17 April 2012

SEGA’s gone all nostalgic ahead of the PlayStation Network release of The House of the Dead 4 this week, reflecting on the creation behind some of the game’s bosses.

A member of the development team highlighted the genesis of the obese Temperance creature, commenting: “In the House of the Dead series, all of the boss’ names are inspired by Tarot cards.”

“For example, the name of the stage four boss, Temperance, literally means ‘restrict from something.’ We came to the idea that if you did not restrict food you would become overweight, which led to the design.”

This particular enemy is noteworthy for being able to follow the player throughout the entirety of the chapter, as opposed to just showing up as the end-of-level boss.

“From this initial profile, we created a suitable attack method for this large body type – rolling. We also made full use of the game’s unique force feedback system with Temperance. Overall, we tried to make each boss encounter a unique experience for the player," the firm added.

The House of the Dead 4 was originally released in arcades back in 2005. The PSN version adds PlayStation Move support and will be available to download later today in the U.S. and tomorrow in Europe.

via Siliconera