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Arkham City's Twitter teases Harley Quinn DLC

on 20 April 2012

Remember when we told you about that leaked set of trophies for Arkham City that made it sound like there would be some sort of downloadable content in the pipeline featuring Harley Quinn? Well it looks like @ArkhamCityNews -- the official twitter account for news on Batman’s latest video game – has teased an image that all but confirms Harley’s involvement in an upcoming project.

The image above shows nothing more than leather-clad legs and a giant mallet, two signature items of Harley Quinn’s ensemble. This, combined with that leaked trophy set we were talking about before, likely means that RockSteady has been working on a Harley-focused expansion for Batman: Arkham City.

The Arkham City twitter account also directly followed up with this mysterious quote: “"Don't worry. This is all part of of my plan."

We’re all for some more Batman: Arkham City content. After all, I do love me some Harley.