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PlayStation Home update 1.65 released

on 25 April 2012

Sony’s rolled out update 1.65 for PlayStation Home, which incorporates a host of improvements related to speed, menu navigation, graphical UI tweaks and more.

See below for the full skinny, courtesy of the EU PlayStation Blog.

Menu Screen

The new Menu Screen replaces the old Menu Pad. It functions in a very similar way to the old Menu Pad but we have made many improvements to its speed and ease of use. Browsing your inventory from the Menu Screen now uses the same system as the Wardrobe and Furniture Browser.

Personal Voice Chat

The new Personal Voice Chat system replaces the old Telephone Call system. The major benefit of this new system is that a Personal Voice Chat is treated as another voice channel by the chat log which means all communication is now managed from one place: the Chat Log. You can switch between voice channels while remaining in a Personal Voice Chat without having to end the conversation.

Furniture Slots

Each apartment or clubhouse can hold up to 100 items of furniture measured in slots. Prior to patch 1.65 a Normal Furniture Item always took up 1 slot and an Active Furniture Item always took up 22 slots. With patch 1.65 developers will now be able to create Normal and Active Furniture Items of different slot sizes. Therefore Active Furniture Items can be created that take up fewer slots and you will be able to place as many Active Furniture Items in your personal space as will fit. How many slots a piece of furniture will use is also displayed on the detail page of each item when you are viewing it in the store.